It is among the most exciting stages for the landscape that it will offer, with its breathtaking views !!

Description of the trail

For a long stretch you walk on the CAI path 486b very evident as it coincides with an old runway. Then you come to the path 486 which is also very evident as it is superimposed on a forest track with which you climb about 250 m. Arrived in a small opening, turn to the right, take path 468b inside a beech forest that leads us into a small meadow that must be crossed keeping the careful eye on the left side not to lose the road markings where the path begins to take back part of the beech forest, but alternating with barren areas for about 400 m and then immerse yourself in the summit meadows until you reach Monte Nuria 1881 m above sea level.
Once you reach the summit, the Way takes you back into the Sentiero Italia, which is located keeping your shoulders from where we came on the right side. Descend along the meadows until you cross the beech forest that accompanies us to the De Angelis hut at an altitude of 1500m. Here we meet a dirt road that must be crossed to resume the path that leads to cross again a dirt road that must be crossed to proceed along a long lawn for about 800m which leads to a saddle where we find the beech forest. At this point the trail begins to descend decisively, losing altitude until you see the village of Rocca di Fondi, which is reached after about 15 minutes of walking. Once you reach the village of Rocca di Fondi, where we find water points to quench your thirst, continue along a very obvious road that leads to a chestnut wood where you walk along the old cemetery. At a detour by crossing on the right side a cattle track (Path Cai SI) continue to descend to altitude and then come to cross meadows which must be crossed (due to impracticability of the old path) arriving in a farm with stables. The path resumes on a dirt road for about 400m reaching a junction, where you must turn slightly to the right, abandoning the dirt road to enter a cattle track that leads to a small ditch. Continue in chestnut grove until
you get to Antrodoco.

Highlands, lakes and peaks
As we said in the introduction, the vast Altopiano del Rascino is fabulous, one of the typical landscapes of the central Apennines. Here for several years there is also a small cultivation of lentils. Fascinating is the lake of the same name that partly occupies the plain, one of the most picturesque of these mountains. Wonderful is the view from the top of Mount Nuria, one of the most significant peaks of this mountainous area and one of the most interesting of the entire Way.



Length: 16,2 km

Degree of difficulty CAI: EE

Difference in height: 780 m

Downhill difference in height: 1445 m

Quote Max: 1892 m

Min height: 485 m

Protected areas crossed:

CAI Section: Antrodoco

Recommended period: 

April - November


CAI Card Alta Valle del Velino ed. SELCA 2015


683b - Italian Path

16. Altopiano del Rascino - Antrodoco - 1
Altimetric Profile




The structures marked with smile 😉 are the "friendly structures" of the path


Antiche Bontà
Corso Roma 31, Antrodoco

Tel. 3493696847 - 3200567444

Il Vecchio Mulino
Via Salaria - Via Marmorale 27, Antrodoco
Tel. 0746578726

La bottega dei Sapori di Manolo Cardellini
Piazza Marconi 18, Antrodoco
Tel. 3347674117

Trattoria Salaria di Tosti Elena
Via Salaria, Antrodoco
Tel. 0746578468


😉 Ostello Il Castagno
Via dei fossi 15, Antrodoco

Tel. 3345943635 - 3275723521

B&B La Casetta
Via del Castello 30, Antrodoco
Tel. 3293917838

Villa Enrica
Via San Severo 1, Antrodoco



Trenitalia Antrodoco
Cotral Antrodoco
Start Antrodoco

Information Points

Water along the way 



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