The Credential is the "passport" of the journey you are about to undertake: along your journey you will be able, in every structure, to have the stamp of the same one, as a proof and a memory of the journey made. If you send us a copy of the completed document by e-mail, we will send you the official gadget of the Natural Parks Path.
Purchase the Credential online you must make the payment through:

- postele bulletin on postal account n.34499590
- IBAN bank transfer: IT19H0760103200000034499590 Total cost for shipping € 4,00 made out to Parco Monti Simbruini - Treasury Service. Via dei Prati, 5
00020 JENNE (Rm) Indicating in the reason for this in the 'Purchase of Credentials for the Natural Parks Route'.

Send a copy of the payment or accountant by email to: or whatsapp 345 1059286 with the shipping address and tax code for invoicing.
As soon as we receive everything, we will send it by regular mail.
Shipping time: about 20 days

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credenziali 1 scaled