Towards the Gran Sasso

With this stage you will pass from the Monti della Laga to the westernmost sector of the Gran Sasso chain, crossing the important valley carved by the Vomano River. The lighthouse of the whole day will be the beautiful buttress of Monte Corvo that will welcome us from the shores of Lake Campotosto early in the morning and, changing its perspective, even goodnight at the end of the day!

Trail description
Immediately at the side of the hotel, take the asphalt road more direct that goes down to Ortolano and interrupted for several years by a series of major landslides. After passing a small church at the first true hairpin bend, continue straight ahead along the path that leads to the
lower downhill sections of the road, after crossing the stretched section. Continue on the same until you exit the SS80 state road at the height of a parking lot upstream of the town of Ortolano. Continue for about two kilometers going up the Val Vomano along the SS80, being careful to
vehicular traffic, up to the dam that created the Lake of Provvidenza. At this point you enter the Torrente Chiarino which gives its name to the valley of the same name and which we will travel to enter the Gran Sasso massif. The Monte Corvo overlooks the valley, with its spectacular and
enormous fold clearly evident from the stratification. After admiring the enormous force of nature that builds the mountains, you can admire the
pleasant lake as you cross the dam on the road, which from here and up to the destination will guide us.
Arriving at the Rifugio Fioretti is only a gradual climb on a dirt road in a beautiful and extensive beech forest, at the beginning alternating with an oak forest, with the Torrente Chiarino that keeps us company up to the houses of Tenuta Cappelli. The last meters on the pastures
introduce us to the altitude environments that will be explored the following day.

A few numbers before going to bed
We are in the first true Alpine-style hut, in the highest mountains of the entire Apennine Ridge. We have 23 legs on the legs and there are 2 left to get to L'Aquila. So much fatigue and fatigue accumulated as memories, and a bit of nostalgia that is emerging.
On all our thoughts Monte Corvo caresses and protects us.


Length: 11,5 km

Degree of difficulty CAI: E

Difference in height: 498 m

Downhill difference in height: 339 m

Altitude Max: 1503 m

Min height: 1028 m

Protected areas crossed:

Parco Nazionale del Gran Sasso e dei Monti della Laga

CAI Section: L'Aquila

Recommended period:


Carta CAI Gran Sasso ed. SELCA 2009


Dirt road - 101

Profilo Tappa 23 Ufficiale
Altimetric Profile


The structures marked with smile 😉 are the "friendly structures" of the path


Rifugio Fioretti
67100 Vaccareccia, Arischia (AQ)
Tel. 3386756890 (obbligatoria la prenotazione) /


😉 Rifugio Fioretti
67100 Vaccareccia, Arischia (AQ)
Tel. 3386756890  (obbligatoria la prenotazione) / 



Information Points

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