Discovering ancient castles
Today few remains testify to the ancient presence of imposing castles placed to defend important access points along the border between the Kingdom of Naples and the Papal State. In this stage we have two examples of fortified structures at the beginning and end of the route. The first, that of Sant'Angelo di Castiglione was destroyed by a popular uprising and then rebuilt after 1360, the latter is already abandoned in 1300.

Description of the Path
The route, starting from Casale Calabrese, takes us to the Piana di Rascino with wide views in the first part of the route on the pastures, cultivations and former cultivations of Castiglione. After the ridge you go down through the beech wood until you reach the asphalt road that leads to the splendid plateau of Rascino. From here we climb again through old and new silvicultural cuts, until we discover the plain and the spurs of Monte Nuria. The lake and the surrounding area are included in the homonymous SIC "Piana di Rascino".

The lake and the man
In the plain, for a few years, the organic cultivation of lentil and spelled has resumed.
Pastoralism is still developed and annually, on the last Sunday of July, the Ovine Exhibition takes place. The source, which feeds the springs and the lake, is support to all the anthropic activities of the karst plateau and feeds the springs and the aqueduct of the Peschiera that supply the city of Rome. In the lake it is possible to fish by means of the type B fishing license and a daily permit specifically issued in some commercial establishments of the area or directly on site by the guard, the species present for fishing are: Pike, Tench and Carp.


Length: 15,1 Km

Degree of difficulty CAI: E

Difference in height: 600 m

Downhill difference in height: 612 m

Altitude Max: 1479 m

Min coordinate: 1139 m

Protected areas crossed:

Regional Reserve of the Duchess Mountains

CAI Section: Rascino

Recommended period:



Altimetric Profile



Altopiano del Rascino

The structures marked with smile 😉 are the "friendly structures" of the path


Il Bucaneve
Località Rascino, Fiamignano

Tel. 07461766224

La Tracerna
Località Rascino, Fiamignano
Tel. 07461766229 - 3389432302



😉 Agriturismo Pian di Rascino
Piana di Rascino snc, Fiamignano
Tel. 3482259926

😉 Il Bucaneve
Località Rascino, Fiamignano

Tel. 07461766224

B&B "Noi parliamo con le pietre"
Via Corso 15 Loc. Corso, Fiamignano
Tel. 3357745721

La Tracerna
Località Rascino, Fiamignano
Tel. 07461766229 - 3389432302



Trenitalia Sella di Corno, Sassa Tornimparte
Cotral Fiamignano

Information Points

Water along the way

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