From the volcano to the preappennino
From the inhabited area of Rocca Priora, we proceed on Via della Montagna Spaccata in the chestnut grove that delimits the remains of the external caldera of the ancient Laziale Volcano to the North East, opening into the Valle del Sacco below. We leave the Colli Albani and from here, Colle di Fuori, begins the transfer stage to the Monti Prenestini. The route first develops on a paved road winding through the typical Roman countryside that characterizes the territory of Carchitti with its extensive orchards and typical strawberry cultivations.

Towards Palestrina through the countryside
After crossing the Via Casilina consular road, the stretch continues in Valvarino (hamlet of Palestrina), along the dirt road that crosses the ancient country estate of the Barberini family, until reaching Via degli Olmi that leads directly to the village of Palestrina. In the distance you can already admire the city of ancient Praeneste on whose slopes stands the Temple of the Goddess Fortuna (II century BC) and the underlying Palazzo Colonna
Barberini which houses the National Archaeological Museum of Palestrina. The path winds through the historic center of the city between small squares and characteristic alleys.


Length: 16,3 Km

Degree of difficulty CAI: T

Difference in height: 325 m

Downhill difference in height: 508 m

Altitude Max: 710 m

Min value: 331 m

Protected areas crossed:

Regional Park of the Roman Castles

Section CAI: Palestrina

Recommended period:

All the year


Excursion Map Parco Castelli Romani 2009


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A Modo
Via Anicia 11, Palestrina
Tel. 0695310035

Antica Palestrina
Piazza S.M. degli Angeli 9, Palestrina
Tel. 069538540

Da Giuliana
Via Anicia, Palestrina
Tel. 069534236

Il Piscarello
Via del Piscarello 2, Palestrina
Tel. 069537751

Vicolo del Duomo, Palestrina
Tel. 0695270920


😉 B&B Casa del Girasole
Via Luigi Petroselli 34 (interno 2), Genazzano
Tel. 069578303 - 3339485935

😉 B&B PalestrinaValmontone
Via Prenestina Nuova 57, Palestrina
Tel. 069535364 - 3397719224

😉 Il giardino delle camelie b&b
Viale Fussen 4, Palestrina
Tel. 3348435528

B&B La Dea fortuna
Via Prenestina Nuova 313, Palestrina
Tel. 069536608 - 3398945568 -

B&B L'Upupa
Via Santa Maria 75/A, Palestrina
Tel. 3393496844 - 069535427

Hotel Le Meridienne
Via Colle S.Agapito 1, Palestrina
Tel. 069536859

Hotel Stella
Piazzale della Liberazione 3, Palestrina
Tel. 069538172 - 069538637


Trenitalia Zagarolo
Cotral Palestrina
Cilia (urbano)

Info Points

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112; 06 570 600