General Advice

Always be aware of your own abilities, without ever going beyond your potential.

Never leave alone, keep in mind that the group is important.

Always let someone know the destination and the estimated time of return.


Always study territory and weather forecast, give up if the weather conditions are adverse.

If the weather changes or any unforeseen event occurs, have the humility to leave the company, whether small or large.


Always carry a well charged mobile phone with you, possibly with a spare battery.

Always carry rescue numbers with you.


Water and food: At least 1lt, high calorie foods.

Windbreaker and sweater/leather: Even when forecasts are favourable.

Fleece cap and gloves: can positively resolve many unforeseen events.

First aid kit: even for the simplest excursions.

Sun cream: the sun in the mountains can be particularly hot.


Buses: where more than one company is indicated some may be private.

Trains: where the village at the end of the stage does not have its own station, the nearest station has been indicated, but may not be directly accessible on foot.


It is highly recommended to book the accommodation at least 1-2 days before your expected arrival.

Some structures have made themselves available, on request, to transport walkers from the end of the stage to the structure itself.