Stage with at least two qualities: the shortest of the week and that will accompany us to discover, from above, the first of the two picturesque artificial lakes that we will discover sequentially in these two days.

Description of the trail
Leaving the beautiful village of Orvinio in the best way; crossing its entire historical center,  you go down a small lane that laps the remains of ancient walls, and then for a dirt road you get to the equally dilapanto and partly under restoration: the Abbey of Santa Maria del Piano, with
beautiful Bell tower. They cross large ground-to-ground (pantani) areas and a stream and with muddy boots climb up a main dirt road that leads into a mixed forest and after other intersections and winding leads to a cemented road just below Pozzaglia Sabina.
When you reach the main square, take the asphalted road next to the war memorial, which goes up in the direction of the antennas and beyond, becoming a dirt road, until the cross is clearly visible from the town. On the saddle near the summit that houses the cross, take the path that runs along the entire wide ridge, grassy, delicious and very steep. A few steps on a dirt road that comes from just above the village, the imminent junction continues to the one that climbs diagonally left and that leads us to line the western slopes of Mount Faito.
An evocative stretch with a beautiful view both on the plain crossed and on the distant ridges of the Lucretili Mountains, the cart track draws a path that goes into a dense artificial conifer.
Another clearing, reached the peak of the climb and moving on the northern slope of the same mountain, this is entirely covered with beech trees. And from the slightly cleared beech forest, because it started up to the tall trunk, one glimpses over there and in the distance the blue of
the Lago del Turano.
In the background the hump of Monte Navegna and then, towards the south, the one of Monte Cervia. Leaving the woods and intercepted the rather ruined mule track that follows for a good part the main and wide ridge, for the whole and long descent you will admire the colors, the reflections and the different inlets that characterize this small and characteristic artificial lake.
And there, the picturesque and perched village of Castel di Tora, waiting for our arrival!


Length: 13 Km

Degree of difficulty CAI: E

Difference in height: 561 m

Downhill difference in height: 854 m

Altitude Max: 1185 m

Min height: 548 m

Protected areas crossed:

Regional Natural Park of the Lucretili Mountains

CAI Section:

Recommended period:

All the year


Carta Monti Lucretili 2016

Carta Navegna Cervia ed. Il Lupo 2009


315 - 360/363 - 363a Cammino di San Benedetto

Profilo Tappa 10 Ufficiale
Height profile
The structures marked with smile 😉 are the "friendly structures" of the path


La Posta
Via Rio (Loc. Campigliano), Castel di Tora
Tel. 3381607521

La Riva del Lago
Via Turanense 17, Castel di Tora

Tel. 3896860142


😉 Casa Matilda
Via Umberto I 8, Castel di Tora
Tel. 3497185007

😉 Casa Pellegrina
Lago Castel di Tora 6
Tel. 3289745678

😉 Casa Vista Lago - Lake View House
Via Turano 19, Castel di Tora
Tel. 3473360719

😉 Village on the lake
Via Roma 97, Castel di Tora
Tel. 3497185007

Agriturismo Le Cascine
Località Campigliano, Castel di Tora
Tel. 3204111445

La Posta
Via Rio (Loc. Campigliano), Castel di Tora
Tel. 3381607521


Trenitalia Carsoli
Cotral Castel di Tora

Info Points

Water along the path

112; 800 19 99 10