Monasteries and Beeches
With this stage not long, but challenging in the vertical, you will enter the world of Beech! But first it is strongly recommended, also because the path laps them, stop to visit the Benedictine Monasteries of Santa Scolastica and the Sacro Speco. Light in the spirit it will be easier to face the climb !! So, taking to climb right between the different places of silence and reflection we willpenetrate gradually into the beautiful silence of the Simbruini Mountains.

Description of the trail
The Park trail sign that will accompany us to the destination is 653 and it is useful to have the precise excursion map of the area edited by the Institute itself. After several kilometers traveled on white roads that make us climb and cross the band of mixed wood, where the road ends, coinciding with a crossroads take the path that goes across the left and enters the valley, leaving the trail marks on the right which lead, after a high and panoramic crossing of the right orographic side of the Aniene Valley (681b), towards the village of Jenne.Leaving the sunniest slopes, the beech becomes the dominant tree essence. Going up the valley regularly, leave another fork on the right with paths leading to the meadows of Frassigno (681c). We arrive at a confluence between two valleys and we continue on the left one, arriving at beautiful clearings that alternate with wild roses and wild apple trees: we are in the middle of the Valle delle Mele.

Still ahead here is another crossroads between official trails, and we still straight uphill in the grassy rush just mentioned. In this upper part dominate the open spaces and after passing through a more thermophile forest with oaks and maples, at the height of another small beech forest you enter a dirt road that descends from Colle Rotoli. Calcando this will arrive at the destination, in front of the Park Visitor Center, near the Ring of Monte Livata.


Length: 11 Km

Degree of difficulty CAI: EE

Difference in height: 1067 m

Downhill difference in height: 77 m

Altitude Max: 1410 m

Min height: 380 m

Protected areas crossed:

Parco Regionale dei Monti Simbruini

CAI Section: Tivoli

Recommended period:

All the year


Maps of Monti Simbruini 2015



Profilo Tappa 6 Ufficiale
Altimetric Profile



The structures marked with smile 😉 are the "friendly structures" of the path


Bar Roma - Caffetteria e Paninoteca
Piazzale Campo dell'Osso, Subiaco
Tel. 3209793946

Il Cristallo di Neve
Piazzale Campo dell'Osso, Campo dell'Osso
Tel. 0774826142

Hotel Italia
Viale dei boschi, Monte Livata
Tel. 0774826014 - 3471152840

La Simbruina
Via della Bandita - Monte Livata, Subiaco
Tel. 0774822312 Cell. 3404862047 - 3333341811

La Posta
Piana di Livata 7, Monte Livata
Tel. 0774826548

Livata Caffè Ristorante, Pizzeria e Bar
Viale dei Boschi 1 - Monte Livata, Subiaco

Tel. 0774826235

Via della Bandita 26, Monte Livata
Tel. 0774826317 - 3207255638

Ristorante Il Capriolo
Piazzale Campo dell'Osso 1, Subiaco
Tel. 3331294570

Ristorante Pizzeria Al Boschetto
Contrada Tollano 12, Monte Livata
Tel. 077483671 - 3393948962

Ristorante Pizzeria La Stella Alpina
Contrada Camarde 5, Subiaco
Tel. 0774283755 Cell. 3887960395

Zenit Bar Paninoteca
Via della Bandita - Monte Livata, Subiaco
Tel. 3248626357


😉 Casavacanze Casa Lieta
Contrada Marciano 3, Monte Livata
Tel. 077483671 - 3393948962

Agenzia Immobiliare "Livata" di Ferrari Anna Maria
Via Cavour 35, Subiaco
Tel. 3333113464

Appartamento Biancaneve
Tel. 3356589314

Appartamento dei Boschi
Viale dei Boschi 39 - Monte Livata, Subiaco
Tel. 3483526716

Albergo diffuso Villaggio dei Miceti
Via dei Miceti, Campo dell'Osso
Tel. 3400095289

Campo Ecologico - Valle Maiura 
Valle Maiura - Monte Livata, Subiaco
Tel. 3457925737

Hotel Italia
Viale dei boschi, Monte Livata
Tel. 0774826014 - 3471152840

La Chiesuola
Piana di Monte Livata, Subiaco
Tel. 3284192290

La Luisiana Camping
Via della Bandita - Monte Livata, Subiaco
Tel. 0774826087 Cell. 3408064896

Livata Chalet

Nido del Nibbio
C.da Nocicchia snc, Monte Livata
Tel. 3334685133


Cotral Subiaco

Info Points
Centro Informativo del Parco, Via della Bandita snc Livata

Water along the path

112; 06 570 600