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The Borgo

Small village perched on a mountain spur at 572 meters above sea level, Percile retains the characteristic appearance of a medieval village and offers the traveler countless nature trails. Percile is in fact included in the Lucretili Mountains Park, rich in heterogeneous natural environments, from the beech woods of the high areas, to the scrubland, up to the flat expanses. Its remote origins have given rise to various legends about the history of this country. Some historians derive the name from the Roman Porcia family. From the Roman period, Percile still preserves substantial evidence.

Sites of interest

  • In the map of the year 1739, a Roman villa is reported between Civitella and Percile, whose ruins were well highlighted up to recent times. Near the source of the Aliucci family, a section of brick paving has been found that certifies the use of this water, renowned for its therapeutic properties, since Roman times. At this source in the Church of S. Maria della Vittoria, one could admire, before the vandalism theft and damage, a beautiful portal made with the use of Roman finds.



Livata - Corvaro


Cineto Romano - Orvinio