In the eastern part of the Lucretili Mountains, a karstic morphology.
With this stage you will cross the eastern part of the Lucretili Mountains, with the two villages of Percile and Orvinio and you will encounter one of the suggestive naturalistic emergencies of the Park itself: the Lakes of Percile. Then we look out onto one of the left orographic sides of the
Licensed River. And the walls of another spectacular karst dolina are lapped: the Pozzo dei Casali.

Description of the trail
Leaving the sunny village of Cineto Romano with its pleasant castle, after a first stretch of dirt road, the track becomes a beautiful path and walking in an alternation of oak woods and clearings with picturesque views, you will also wander three streams . The view of Fraturno, the largest lake, invites you to stop for a stop on its banks. Continuing to the village of Percile, about halfway along the route, it is a wide and quite comfortable walk.

From the square you go down the road below, cross the provincial road and after a turn you leave the dirt road in the north direction. After a while the path takes on the appearance of an old mule track serving the land that was cultivated, when the community of these villages worked and lived above all the products of their land. A rural archeology that can be perceived and recovered with thought, while walking and observing the ancient dry stone walls, collapsed, broken and transformed into their dimensions and geometries.
Continuing to rise, almost like a surprise and where the oak groves, just below the level of the path of the cliffs and rock walls reveal the edges of the wide circumference of the dolina of the Pozzo dei Casali. Evocative! The trail continues with wide curves, long crosspieces and gentle slopes until it meets the ridge path, trail mark 320 and a variation of the other trekking in stages of the Via dei Lupi. In addition, and always to the north, in half an hour you reach Orvinio, a picturesque village and end of the stage.

Small villages, in harmony with the territory.
In this stage we discover three delightful villages, almost equidistant from each other, at the beginning in the middle and at the end. Three villages that from autumn to spring live more than the silence of nature in which they are embedded rather than words. Almost intact, two with wide views, are corners to be rediscovered with respect. To reach them on foot after so much effort is one of the magic ingredients to find the balance that is often lost in large urban centers.



Length: 18 Km

Degree of difficulty CAI: E

Difference in height: 1018 m

Downhill difference in height: 711 m

Altitude Max: 936 m

Min height: 504 m

Protected areas crossed:

Regional Natural Park of the Lucretili Mountains

CAI Section: Tivoli

Recommended period:

All the year


Carta Monti Lucretili 2016


320a - Coleman Trail 5 - 307 - 320 - Via dei Lupi 2 Variante

Altimetric Profile
The structures marked with smile 😉 are the "friendly structures" of the path


Azienda Agricola Carlini
Localita Giardino Snc, Percile
Tel. 3393724970

Ristorante Pizzeria da Armandone
Via Licinese, km 20, Orvinio
Tel. 0765934315



😉 Il Sorriso Dei Monti
Via Nuova 26, Orvinio
Tel: 3479206626

Azienda Agricola Carlini
Localita Giardino Snc, Percile
Tel. 3393724970

B&B Souvenirs d'antan
Via Manenti 9, Orvinio
Tel: 0746497628

Il sorriso
Via di Carpineto 6, Orvinio
Tel. 076592194 - 3337620639

San Michele
Zona pratarelle, Orvinio
Tel. 3337620639


Trenitalia Mandela
Cotral Cineto Romano

Information Points

Water along the way

112; 06 570 600