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Riofreddo is a town of 868 inhabitants in the province of Rome, located on the border with Abruzzo. Medieval village, still has the artistic and architectural traces of its origins, from the arch of St. Catherine, to the beautiful frescoes of the church of the Santissima Annunziata, up to the ruins of the ancient monastery of San Giorgio; it is part of the association of the authentic villages of Italy. Do not miss the view of the Museum of Cultures at Villa Garibaldi, the Oratory of the Annunciation and the Castello Colonna. For nature lovers you can walk to the summit of the "Madonnella" or the nearby Fonte Limosa where you can drink fresh water.

Sites of interest

  • Lithic finds

    Prehistoric man has left tangible signs of its presence in the territory of Riofreddo, in fact have been found tools in flint of the Paleolithic, polished Neolithic axes and abundant clay material referable to the age of metals.

  • Castle Colonna

    Various "castellieri" have also been identified, ie fortified settlements built on high ground, which attest to a continuous use of this territory so rich in fresh springs. An example is the Colonna castle built in the eleventh or twelfth century. The original shape had to be a quadrilateral with cylindrical towers at the corners and the male at the front. During the various and numerous alterations that the castle underwent over the centuries, two of the four cylindrical towers were eliminated. It belonged to the noble families of Colonna, Del Drago and Pelagallo.




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