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The Borgo

Castel di Tora, until 1864 Castel Vecchio, was declared one of the most beautiful villages in Italy. It overlooks the banks of the artificial Turano lake, surrounded by thick woods on which Mount Navegna (1506 m) dominates. The town has kept intact a large part of the medieval urban layout between alleys, squares, climbs, stairways and descents. On a steep cliff rises the tower of the fortress that dates back to the eleventh century, while the towers of via Turano and via Cenci which make up the remains of the ancient city walls date back to a later period (XV century). The palace of the Drago and the entire village of Antuni - in the small peninsula which, connected by an isthmus, extends into the lake - dates back to the XV and XVI centuries. Here is also located, on a wall overlooking the lake, the hermitage of San Salvatore. Of 1898 is the Triton fountain in the main square.

Sites of interest

  • The lost city of Antuni is an ancient village, near Castel di Tora, situated on a hill completely surrounded by the Turano lake and connected to the mainland by only a thin isthmus. In official documents it is mentioned when the village comes into the possession of the Brancaleoni family, around the middle of 1500, from there the fief passed to various owners.




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