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The Borgo

Vallecupola is a fraction of Rocca Sinibalda, at an altitude of 1007 meters, immersed in the green of the overhanging woods that surround it. Along the valley that surrounds the village flows the Turano, the ancient river Telonio, which rises upstream of Carsoli, gives rise to the homonymous lake and continues its path up to the right bank of the Velino, which flows into the gates of Rieti ; both then became extinct in the Marmore waterfall.

Sites of interest

  • To visit the Fortified Fortress, born around the year one thousand, which in the first half of the sixteenth century was transformed by Baldassarre Peruzzi for the Cesarini, in an exceptional synthesis of fortress and Renaissance palace, in the form of an eagle or scorpion. In the following centuries, in spite of two sieges, the explosion of the Santabarbara and the complicated proprietary vicissitudes, the castle preserved intact its architectural power and its visual originality. In 1928 it became a national monument.




Livata - Corvaro


Castel di Tora - Marcetelli