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The Borgo

Oricola is a town of 1,154 inhabitants of the province of L'Aquila in Abruzzo, on the border with Lazio. On a hill, near the Piana del Cavaliere, the town is dominated by the imposing fortress, rebuilt in the second half of the fifteenth century, from which the present town hall has been partially built. To see the churches of S. Restituta, with inside a fresco of the thirteenth century and the parish church of the SS. Salvatore, which preserves an organ of great artistic value, built in 1855 by the Roman Tommaso Vayola, creator of other Marsican church organs. Nearby in a solitary position, there is the ancient sanctuary of the Madonna dei Bisognosi.

Sites of interest

  • Town of Carsioli

    The site of the ancient fair city of Carsioli (or Carseoli) was located in 1645 near Civita di Oricola; walls and ruins are present in a northern position compared to the town. In the locality of Muro Pertuso, beyond the Sèsera wood, the remains of a Roman aqueduct can be seen. Two important archaeological areas, in which the archaeological superintendency began excavation campaigns in 1989, are located in the central square of Civita and in the Valle San Pietro district.



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