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The Borgo

The current urban core of Palestrina rises on the ancient city of Praeneste, of Latin origin, whose fame, in ancient age, was linked to the Sanctuary of Fortuna Primigenia, testimony of the late-republican age. It is one of the most rich historical centers of Lazio, artistic and architectural, starting from the well-known Palazzo Colonna Barberini which houses the Museo Archeologico Prenestino. Many religious buildings that enrich the historical heritage of Palestrina including the Basilica-Cathedral of Sant'Agapito which houses significant works of art, the Church of Santa Rosalia located near the Palazzo Colonna Barberini and the Church and the convent of San Francesco built in the fifteenth century.

Sites of interest

  • Archeopalestrina

    An entire itinerary dedicated to the archeology and history of the town: Archeopalestrina, where there are several sites of particular interest such as the Piazzale della Pace, Porta San Martino, The ancient ghetto, Sanctuary of Fortuna Primigenia, Via Thomas Mann, The forum of Praeneste, The buildings of the forum, The ancient walls, La Porta del Sole, Via degli Arcioni, Via del Sole.

  • Praeneste and Trebula Suffenas

    For the proto-Archaic age there are only two inhabited centers known: Praeneste (Palestrina) and Trebula Suffenas. These had a certain vitality only in the imperial age, when the main public buildings were built and became the political and economic center of the local Suffenates population (on the edge of the Equi territory).



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Rocca Priora – Palestrina

Palestrina – Guadagnolo


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