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The Borgo

Capranica Prenestina is a charming village in the Monti Prenestini. The small village of medieval setting, perched with its houses and its steep and silent streets, around the Church of La Maddalena, is dominated by the dome of the church itself. Scholars attribute the dome to the Bramante school. Another architectural jewel of Capranica Prenestina, is the solemn Palazzo Capranica, today Barberini, which stands on ancient medieval structures and on the outside still preserves intact the sixteenth-century structure in white limestone. The village offers monumental evidences worthy of note: from Piazza Pietro Baccelli, where the gaze captures the whole village perched with the dome on top, the rural church of the Madonna delle Fratte that stands on top of a beautiful staircase, the baronial palace which stands massive on the beautiful mountain panorama.


Sites of interest

  • The Museo Civico Naturalistico of Prenestini mountains

    Opened in 2001, the Museum offers a journey through panels, multimedia material and three-dimensional reconstructions, which accompanies the visitor to discover the complex natural processes that have shaped the territory, and allows him to get to know the animals and plants that characterize the mountains. Prenestini. With the awareness that a stronger knowledge leads to a more sensitive respect of Nature.




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