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The Borgo

The Municipality of Posta extends in a mountainous area of ​​the hinterland of Lazio, in the province of Rieti. The territory is exclusively mountainous, located on the slopes of the Monte Terminillo area. The capital is at 721 meters above sea level and is located in a geographical area called Alta Valle del Velino, from the name of the Velino river that runs through it and whose tributaries are the Tascino, Scura and Ratto torrent. During the Middle Ages the Alta Valle del Velino was dominated by the powerful Lords of Machilone. The center of this fiefdom was the Castle of Machilone, which stood on the mountain in front of the current village of Posta and which has been known since 1150. Machilone's fiefdom was so important, rich and independent that it was mentioned as much Rieti and Amiterno (L'Aquila). In 1294 the castle and the fief, already weakened by a terrible earthquake that had devastated the entire area, were razed to the ground by the Aquilans because the presence of such a powerful fief was annoying the new city that wanted to expand its supremacy.

  • Sites of interest

    • The market door
      In the upper part of the village, next to the convent of San Francesco there was a door that gave access to the market that took place in the square in front of the convent. This was the so-called gabella. This door still exists and is today part of a former Carabinieri barracks building. The tariffs corresponding to each individual goods are indicated on the ceiling arch of the door.
    • The castle of Machilone
      The castle of Machilone (or Machialone) was built around the year one thousand by order of King Carlo D'Angiò as a fortification to guard the crossroads where four important valleys flow into Rome, Spoleto, Ascoli and L'Aquila.
    • The SalaryLa Salaria was one of the most ancient and important streets of the Roman Empire, built so cleverly that today the modern Salaria state road roughly follows the original route. Around this road many of the inhabited centers of the Alta Valle del Velino have developed, which thanks to the passage of the important communication route have grown and prospered



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