A stroll in the Simbruini Mountains Park

The second week begins with a decidedly long and equally beautiful stage, during which you will be full of beech forests and more or less large karst plateaus. You will not climb on any top but you will go for a walk around the Park through a good piece.

Description of the trail
Leaving the sweet basin of Livata go up a valley in the direction of NE towards Fonte Acquaviva and further up to the small village at altitude of Campo dell'Osso (CAI trail mark 672a). Continuing on the 673c, at
the beginning it borders on the right side the asphalt road that climbs towards the ski facilities de la Monna, you reach a crossroads ignoring it, you pass the downhill slopes and lapping the lower part of the first beautiful alpine pasture of Campo Minio.
It goes further and with a more sustained climb here intercept a white road that will make us look out on the panoramic balcony of le Vedute, prodrome of the remarkable 360 degree observation point that can be enjoyed from the top of Monte Autore, reached from there after
just others 20 minutes. Returning to the Vedute, take the long and fabulous Valley of the Author in the direction of NO, a valley set in a huge beech forest and in the middle part is dotted withnarrow elongated meadows that make the sky look. A junction signals that on the left, with the signpost 673d, you can return to Campo dell'Osso crossing the other beautiful location of the Cannavacciari.
Like a tributary in a basin, the valley fades on the immense and amazing Karst plateau of Camposecco, passing from the shade of the woods to the light of the altitude prairies. You head towards the cottage-shelter known as Rifugio di Camposecco and take the handful of trailers of the group 664 that lead to the village of Camerata Nuova. Crossing other pastures of a side valley you will reach the ruins of the ancient inhabited area of Camerata, destroyed in 1881 by a fire, and from here with a more demanding descent you will finally reach the village.


Length: 20,6 Km

Degree of difficulty CAI: E

Difference in height: 590 m

Downhill difference in height: 1157 m

Altitude Max: 1853 m

Min coordinate: 804 m

Protected areas crossed:

Regional Natural Park of the Simbruini Mountains

CAI Section:

Recommended period:

All the year


Simbruini Mountains Card 2015


672a - 673c - 653 - Coleman Trail 3

Altimetric Profile
The structures marked with smile 😉 are the "friendly structures" of the path


Locanda La Pergola di Alessia Cangelmi
Via della Fonte Vecchia 3/5, Pereto (AQ)
Tel. 3339520314


😉 B&B La Stella danzante
Loc. Colle Santo Stefano 5, Camerata Nuova
Tel. 3289779124

B&B Villa Arboretum
Viale Renato di Paolo, Camerata Nuova
Tel. 0774924262 - 3335378411


La Quercia Che Ride
Loc. Grottelle snc, Camerata Nuova
Tel. 3384652940


Trenitalia Carsoli
Cotral Camerata Nuova

Info Points
Centro Visita del Parco, Via Manzoni, Camerata Nuova

Water along the path

112; 06 570 600